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  • 32GB SD Card for Hidden Camera – Android Smartphone Compatible – Class C10 with 98MB/s Full HD – Faster Loading Apps and Better Capture Speed in 4K

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  • The Becker TM Power Bank Wifi Hidden Camera is the one that will take your security to the next level, protecting your family and office. Power Bank WiFi Hidden Camera – Small Spy Camera 1080P – Connects with Android iOS for Remote Control – HD Quality Pictures for Personal and Office Security – Portable with Easy Install

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  • Our Silicone Dot is made of high quality materials to the highest standard you should expect.

    Is Flexible and Water resistant so that you can enjoy endless relaxing massages.

    Moreover, its super soft silicone will create you the most intense and satisfying massage according to your preferences and wishes.

    Buying this premium product you will have 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with 30 days manufacturer money back guarantee with 1 year free replacement.

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  • Snowflake LED Lights Curtain just set it on automatic change and let it do its magic; this function will allow you to sit back and relax while you get the nicest spectacle for your Christmas party at home or office or just for your own relaxing ambient of holidays.

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  • Becker TM Spy WiFi Mini Hidden Camera 1080P HD is very easy to connect to your Android or IOS phone and will give you almost instant live video from your home or office. Its long-lasting battery will make you forget about charging.

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  • A Smart Light with 8 Modes Curtain
    Becker has Automatic 8 modes that will lighten your room with a splendid spectacle.

    100LEDs With Voltage of 30v, UL588 Approved for Safer usage
    Get the most of your parties and holidays with the Becker 100LEDs and 15m/ 49.2ft long.

    High Brightness with Lower Power Consumption
    Take advantage of the highest quality Christmas illumination without worrying about the power consumption and enjoy your holidays.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    All our LED Lights are covered by 30 days manufacturer money back guarantee with 1 year free replacement.

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  • This Tree Branch Light lets you bend the branches and adjust them into wanted shapes creating beautiful decoration shapes and you can even place on its diverse decorative objects like Christmas Globes. This way, it can be comfortably placed on any tables or any corners.

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  • With BECKER ™ Universal Power Plug Adapters, you can consider this issue solved, you are covered! Even if you visit the European Countries you need to be prepared, they have different socket shapes and the US plug adapters will not work, becoming useless

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  • THE BECKER: 60W 6-Port USB Charging Hub is engineered to optimize your experience. All our chargers go through extensive quality checks to ensure excellent performance. Charge any device at top speeds with the Power Delivery (PD) port (60W maximum speed). The 6 Smart USB ports intelligently recognize your device to boost the charging speed!

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  • Our cameras are built with the thought of your safety and made with care, precision with the highest quality materials so you will not have to worry about it’s longevity. This wireless small camera will allow you to have protection from thieves and oversee remotely your home and office.

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